Sprinting Lesson Plan for Year 6 Students

Duration: 60 minutes

Objective: To improve the sprinting skills of year 6 students while meeting the requirements of the Australian Curriculum.

Warm-up (10 mins)

  • Start with a light jog around the oval to warm up the muscles.
  • Follow up with dynamic stretching exercises such as high knees, butt kicks, and leg swings.
  • Finish with a few sprints to get the students used to running at their maximum speed.

Sprinting Techniques (20 mins)

  • Teach the students proper sprinting techniques such as starting position, arm swing, and stride length.
  • Use visual aids and demonstrations to help students understand the technique.
  • Have students practice sprinting techniques in pairs, with one student sprinting while the other observes and provides feedback.

Games (20 mins)

  • Play a game of tag where the tagger has to sprint to catch the other players.
  • Play relay races where students have to sprint and tag their teammates to complete the race.
  • Play a game of “sharks and minnows” where the minnows have to sprint to the other side of the field without getting tagged by the sharks.

Cool-down (10 mins)

  • Finish with a light jog and static stretching exercises to cool down the muscles.
  • Review the sprinting techniques learned during the lesson.

Curriculum Links

  • Physical Education: Movement and Physical Activity
  • Health and Physical Education: Personal, Social and Community Health
  • Science: Movement and Forces


  • “Teaching Kids to Run” by Kathy McMillan
  • “The Ultimate Guide to Coaching Youth Track and Field” by Jim Giroux
  • Cones and markers for games and drills
  • Stopwatch for timing sprints