Streamlining Interschool Competitions with Sports Tracker

In the world of school sports, coordinating interschool competitions can often become a complicated and time-consuming process. Managing the flow of information and results between schools and the regional level can be a huge undertaking. Enter Sports Tracker, our innovative web-based solution that allows for seamless organisation and management of sports carnivals and meets.

One of the key features of Sports Tracker is its ability to automate the progression of students from school-level competitions to regional or interschool meets. This powerful tool drastically reduces the manual workload associated with such tasks, providing a streamlined and efficient method to manage interschool competitions.

How it Works:

1. Setup at the Regional Level:

The regional coordinator first needs to set up a new meet on Sports Tracker. This meet should include all the events to be conducted at the interschool competition. The coordinator then determines how many competitors each event will allow from each feeder school. Once this is set up, the coordinator will receive a meet ID, which will be provided to the feeder schools.

2. Feeder Schools Input Results:

Each feeder school in the district, having conducted its own school-level competition, then uses Sports Tracker to record the results. The platform ensures that these results are accurate and saved in an easily accessible format.

3. Automatic Progression to Regional Meet:

Once all the results from the school-level competitions are captured, a simple click of the ‘Progress Students to regional’ button initiates the transfer of data. Schools enter the meet code provided by the regional coordinator, which validates the upcoming events and identifies the eligible students.

4. Final Confirmation and Save:

Upon validation, the feeder schools can review the list of students selected for the interschool meet. Once they’re happy with the selection, they simply click ‘Save’, and the student information is automatically progressed to the regional meet and entered into the appropriate events ready for result entry. Each feeder school repeats this process.

Sports Tracker’s automated student progression feature truly simplifies the entire process, ensuring accuracy while saving valuable time. This is a significant advantage for school districts, where often a vast amount of time and resources are spent on managing interschool sports competitions. With Sports Tracker, the focus shifts back to where it should be – on the students, the competitions, and the community.

Get started today with Sports Tracker’s 14-day free trial and experience the difference yourself.