No More Paper Cuts

Moving schools away from “the way it’s always been done” is often a challenge. Many tasks are still completed with pen and paper because that’s the system that everyone is used to, including recording the results of sports events, meets, and competitions. When pen and paper were the best method available, it made sense to record information by hand. However, now that the world has become digital and computer software makes a range of school administration processes much easier, there’s no need to keep paper records.

There are new and improved options for recording sports carnivals, sports days and regular sporting meets or events. Sports tracker software removes the need for paper records, which can be burdensome and inefficient.

The Problem with Paper Sports Records

Recording sports statistics and information with paper comes with a number of disadvantages. It’s important to know how paper records could fail your school.

Paper records are difficult to keep safe

Paper is easily lost and can be destroyed or damaged easily too. A flood, fire, or even just a small spillage inside a filing cabinet could mean that your paper records are no longer recognisable. It’s easy to misplace paper records, which could mean that you lose important information and that sensitive data could be left anywhere without anyone knowing where it is.

Paper records are hard to interpret

Paper records are not always kept using a clear written system. Even when they are, when custody of the records changes hands, it can be difficult for a new person to understand the recording system of the previous person or even read their handwriting. Finding specific information quickly is tricky with written records, with no easy way to search through them.

Paper records involve upfront manual work

It can be very labour-intensive to create and organise paper records. You might need to draw out the columns you need, write down everyone’s names, divide your tables up into different categories, and more.

Paper records can’t be shared

With only one copy of your paper records, only one person can hold them at once. They can be passed around, but not easily shared without going through the effort of photocopying or scanning them.

Paper records are inefficient

Paper records are time-consuming, take up valuable office space, and are generally inefficient. It’s long past time to stop using pen and paper to keep school records if you want to be efficient.

Paper records give you paper cuts 🙂

Finally, no one wants to have to deal with the risk of paper cuts! But if you’re handling paper all day, they’re hard to avoid.

How Sports Tracker Can Help

Sports Tracker tackles all of these common problems associated with paper-based school sports records. When you have a digital solution for recording sports results, it immediately increases your efficiency.

Sports Tracker is an auto-saving cloud app, meaning you don’t have the challenge of keeping your records safe. Everything saves right away and is safely stored in the cloud. It offers a digital and concise solution that anyone can understand without having to try and interpret someone else’s handwriting or understand their system. You can easily view, interpret and search for the information you need.

Getting set up with Sports Tracker is easy too. The app’s one-click setup means you can get started in no time at all. Everything is automated so there’s no need to spend time maintaining complicated processes and trying to keep on top of everything. Sharing is a breeze, thanks to unlimited share access. Anyone who needs access can be logged into the app, viewing and managing results.

Sports Tracker is far more efficient than keeping your records using pen and paper. You’ll save time, save space and have much clearer records for all of your school’s sports events. It’s built especially for schools to provide a complete end-to-end, flexible solution. And you won’t suffer any paper cuts!

Get Started with Sports Tracker for Free

Schools can get started with Sports Tracker for free today by signing up for a trial. All of our packages start with a 14-day free trial so you can test out the software and see if it’s a perfect fit for your school. There are three packages to choose from, based on the number of students you want to keep records for. Choose from 250 students, 750 students, or an unlimited number of students.Sign up for your free trial on the Sports Tracker website to try out our sports carnival record-keeping software for your school.