Experience a new level of Efficiency.

As a Teacher you’re already busy enough! That’s why Sports Tracker has been designed from the ground up to help you speed up and automate the management of your sports meets.

Sports Carnival Record Keeping Software.

Designed Exclusively for Schools & Teachers. Watch the video to learn more.

A Complete End To End Solution

A Modern Sports Carnival Software designed with Schools, Students, Teachers & Parents in Mind

Flexibility & Power

Easily manage meets with your entire school over dozens of different types of events & meets, including Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country.

Go Paperless

Ditch the paper and go digital with our mobile friendly application. Results can be entered live into Sports Tracker from the event or via a central device. Need paper instead? We’ve got you covered also.

Cloud Based

Sports Tracker is 100% web based. This means there's no complicated apps to install or updates to apply. You're always up to date and ready for action!

Real Time Scoring

Real time event scoring via the unique event code allows parents, students and staff to see the results as they’re submitted on any device. Want to keep it a secret? You can do that too.

Self Registrations

Enable students to register for the events via their own devices. Alternatively register students yourself via our intuitive drag and drop system.

Built For Schools

Sports Tracker has been designed from the ground up for schools. The only end to end solution that makes it an absolute breeze to setup, run & track results in Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country Events

Valet Service

No time to setup your carnival? Contact our Valet Service and we’ll get you started. Have a coffee then login on your meet day to experience a new level of efficiency.

Standards Or Place Based Scoring

Complete either standards or place based meets giving you the flexibility to score as you please.

Get started today with a free demo!

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